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  • sanskriti

    I am a final year student pursuing a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering. My interests lie in the field of Cloud and DevOps. I am passionate about learning in public and actively contributing to the community I am a part of. Prior to finding my niche, I dabbled in Web Development, Mobile Development, and Game Development. However, my focus has now shifted towards Cloud and DevOps, and I continue to explore and learn on the go. During my first internship, I gained valuable experience in APIs, Testing, and mocking in Golang and Java. I have proficiently worked with languages such as C, Java, and Golang. Additionally, I have utilized Azure and AWS for deploying my applications and leveraged Docker for containerizing some of them. Currently, I am further strengthening my foundation by working on personal-level DevOps projects. Feel free to reach out to me for collaboration or to discuss any opportunities related to Cloud, DevOps, or software development. You can checkout my GitHub profile @SanskritiHarmukh for better knowledge of past projects and open source contributions.