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    🚀 Python Backend Developer | A bit Rusty too!! 🦀 Hello! I'm Shashwat Gupta, a dedicated B.Tech student pursuing Computer Science & Engineering. Currently, I'm interning as a DevRel Intern at Keploy, an open-source E2E Testing toolkit. My journey in the tech world has equipped me with expertise in building the backend of web applications, creating APIs, and mastering web scraping and Selenium automation. 🔧 Technical Proficiency: Proficient in Python and Django/FastAPI for backend development. Skilled in crafting robust, scalable, and secure web applications. Experienced in both SQL and NoSQL databases and efficient data modeling. Passionate about web scraping, API development, and much more. 🌟 What Sets Me Apart: I thrive on challenges and am deeply committed to writing clean, maintainable, and efficient code. My experiences have not only enhanced my technical skills but also cultivated my ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams. I'm driven by a relentless curiosity about emerging technologies, especially in the realm of data science. 🔍 Seeking Opportunities: I'm eagerly exploring opportunities where I can leverage my skills in Backend Development and Developer Relations. If you're looking for someone with relevant skills as mine, I'd love to connect! 🌐 Let's Connect: Feel free to reach out if you share my enthusiasm for technology and development, or if you simply want to connect and exchange ideas. I'm always open to collaboration and learning from fellow tech enthusiasts. Looking forward to connecting with you and exploring new horizons in the tech universe! 🚀