Problems with e2e test cases

Problems with end to end test cases
Problems with end to end test cases

Writing Test Cases

Developers spend half of the time writing and maintaining test cases and data mocks

Problems with end to end test cases

Creating Testing Environments

Managing the test environments, seed data, data dump for unit and functional testing is frustrating and time consuming

Problems with end to end test cases

Un-Realistic Data Mocks

The test data is not realistic enough making it difficult to test production scenarios, use-cases

Keploy approach for engineering teams

Mock Servers are gone..

Data mocks for DBs, Twilio, Stripe, etc... are generated

Keploy understands the exact API call and the correct response to reply with, including dynamic elements. So if you're using any external service like Databases, third party vendors, cloud services, etc Keploy will automatically mock their response hence eliminating need for external dependencies. Cut down on flaky tests with stable, repeatable environments.

Dependency mocking

Tests created from API calls...

Test Cases and Test Runs are stored as part of code

Keploy automatically compares test-cases generated from previously collected traffic against updated behavior of your application, and brings any differences to your attention.

Record Replay Test Cases

Integrates with DevTools

Native integration with Unit Test libraries - gotest, junit, etc..

Keploy provides combined coverage with unit tests, hence, supports existing IDEs, libraries like coveralls, existing CI pipelines.

unit test file

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