My Journey of DevRel Cohort at Keploy

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Shivang Shandilya
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In the vast world of technology, there's a constant need for individuals who not only possess technical expertise but also excel in building meaningful connections with the developer community. These individuals are often referred to as Developer Relations (DevRel) professionals, and their role is crucial in bridging the gap between developers and the products or services they use. Join me as I share my journey of how I discovered the captivating world of APIs and being a candidate DevRel at Keploy.

The Untouched Realm of APIs

As I'm currently learning DevOps, my primary focus is on the operational aspects of software development and deployment. I had always been aware of the concept of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and their significance in enabling communication between different software systems. However, I must admit that I had never delved deep into exploring the potential they held or fully understood their transformative power.

The Journey Begins...

So, the cohort started officially began on the 15th of May when all my fellow candidates introduced themselves, It was so fun seeing people from different fields of technology enthusiastic about DevRel.

So, our first session which was an introductory one was held on 15th May itself by none other than current DevRel's at Keploy - Animesh Pathak and Diganta Kr Banik.
All the candidates had a lot of fun discussing random stuff as we all got to know and network with each other.

We were then informed of the tasks we were meant to carry out in order to make this cohort a successful one and let me tell you when I say this all the tasks that were given to us were amazing.

Building my first API

After the introductory session, I was so hyped up that I began building my first API, I didn't know first thing about building APIs but I just wanted to give it a try and so I did.
As I told above I'm currently learning DevOps so with that I favor Go programming language so I decided to make one on it. I built a GO CRUD Rest API using Mux, Postgres, Docker, and Docker Compose.


I had lots of fun when I was building my very first API and the learnings were immense, if you wanna check out my API - This is the Github repo for it.

More Keploy sessions

I loved the fact that the DevRels at Keploy were considerate of the fact that not everybody in the cohort knew about APIs so to push that hurdle aside they conducted sessions where they taught us about APIs and how you can integrate them with Keploy.

PS: Diganta and Animesh both explain concepts really well.

Blogs on APIs

As I was learning APIs I wanted to share that knowledge with everyone around me, so I started writing blogs on various API-related stuff and I'm glad to share with you that my blogs also got published on the Keploy Student Blog page.

The blogs I wrote were:

Sessions I took on APIs

The cohort was nearing the end and the DevRels encouraged us to take some sessions on APIs and testing.
So I along with my other candidate Shashwat decided on an event on the topic: E2E testing with Keploy where the speaker was one of the DevRel at Keploy, Animesh.

For my first session, we partnered up with GDG ( Google Developer Groups ) Bhilai and the society at my college - Tech Shuttle. And needless to say, the session went flawlessly and I was so amazed to see folks eager to learn a lot more.

I then took another session in which I collaborated with a tech community named DevsInTech in which I talked about APIs and their testing with Keploy alongside Diganta, loved the enthusiasm of people who joined as they were eager to learn a lot more.


The experience at the DevRel cohort organized by Keploy was just absolutely mind-blowing and the connections I made along the way are always gonna be close to my heart. The learnings were immense from this cohort from always hating to know about APIs to building and loving one, I have seriously come a long way all thanks to DevRels who oversaw the whole cohort - Thanks to Animesh and Diganta.
Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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