My Journey of Keploy Fellowship Program

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Hi, Welcome to my new blog. Today I will share my Keploy Fellowship Experience.

Firstly, Thanks team Keploy for selecting me for Keploy Fellowship Program. The experience was really awesome there was lots of learning and also I made many connections.

Day 1 was Orientation Session. In that session, I met new people and created amazing connections.

On Day 2 I learned the Basics of API like How API Works and helps to manage data.

Day 3 was based on Public APIs. We have created a Weather web app using a public Weather API. It was too fun actually, I have created my first app using API.

On Day 4 We created our own API called Movies-API. That API is taking the movie data from a JSON file and Printing it to the web. We have created it using Node & Express JS.

On Day 5 I learned 2 new things which are Docker & Keploy. So Basically, We have learned how keploy is helping us to generate test cases & data mocks when you call the API using Postman or other API Testers. That was really cool thing.

In the end, on Day 6, we created a ninja API using Go Lang & after that, I think Go Lang is easier than Node.

So Ya, My overall experience was really amazing. I learned lots of new things like Keploy, Docker, Go Lang, etc. Also, the support of Mentors was awesome. I am really thankful to Hardik Kumar, Nishant Mishra, Ankit Kumar & Sejal Jain for your warm Guidance.



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