My Keploy API Fellowship Journey

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Yash Saxena
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I was talking with my friend about API the other day as he is learning Android development, and was telling me how to fetch data
from different apps. For an instant, he didn’t know the full-form but knew how it worked.( not completely)

I reached home and decided that I wanted to learn a little about API because I knew how to make static websites and manage databases,
Being able to use an API to fetch data would finally connect the dots. I searched a little and it was not very hard to find about Keploy.

Ankit, Hardik, Nishant, and Sejal were our DevRels who were going to teach us how to automate the hard work that is done for API testing.
I didn’t know much about API but they said it won’t be a problem. The pre-requisite was nothing as they said they were going to teach
us everything from the scratch, which meant how to even make and use APIs.
The other two reasons were that I would be getting an opportunity to contribute to open-source software and that they were giving away
goodies, so I was like why not, who doesn’t like free stuff?

Ankit introduced us to what the curriculum is going to be and how much time we need to devote and commit to this Fellowship. Everyone
seemed friendly and welcoming. We were introduced to the DevRels and were excited about the journey. The first day was all about the introduction
and the class was over before I even knew it. I was worried about the time devotion but after the first class, it didn’t seem much of an
issue. It was so intriguing that they got me hooked. I knew at that moment that I will participate in the fellowship wholeheartedly.

Every day was something new, something exciting, smaller study groups meant more interaction, and the session activities were engaging.
The DevRels were so supportive and patient, helping everyone with their problems. The community support on different platforms made things
so much easier and the extra doubt-solving sessions were too helpful.

I am looking forward to learning more from the people of the community and contributing something of my own. The journey has only begun.



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