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Version: 2.0.0

General Glossary for Users

1. API data mocking

API mocking is a simulation of real APIs and is performed when the production API is not ready. You may come across a situation where you cannot send an API request to the server because it is not prepared. In such cases, you can mock a chunk of data from the response and eventually, when you make requests the mocked data will be returned.

2. Idempotency

An API is idempotent when the outcome of a successful request remains unchanged on making the same request frequently.

3. Noisy field

Noisy field refers to the random data whose value changes each time you make a request.

For example, a Timestamp is one such property that returns the time when the request is made. Its value is not fed manually but is automatically recorded therefore, at every call it differs.

4. Interoperability

Interoperability refers to the situation when the behavior of the data is in its original (native) format when transferred from one platform to other. It reduces the dependency of files by replacing them with optimized code giving the same result.

5. Deduplication Algorithm

Deduplication is a data compression technique wherein redundant copies of the same data are identified and eliminated. This process involves hash functions or similarity analysis to compare data chunks, enabling the storage system to store only one instance of each unique data segment, thereby optimizing storage efficiency and reducing redundancy.