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Version: 2.0.0

Keploy Passthrough

The generic dependency support is unable to mock the certain config requests because the server sends the request buffers for initial handshake instead of client libraries. Due to which the test fails due to different flow in generic dependency support.

This is why, user can provide the server port to pass the external requests without mocking them.

Keploy Passthrough Example

You can add --passThroughPorts flag to pass the outgoing calls at the given ports and pass them in the keploy proxy without mocking.

Record cmd

sudo -E env 'PATH=$PATH' main.go record -c "java -jar path/to/user/jar" --passThroughPorts 5672,5432

Test cmd

sudo -E env 'PATH=$PATH' main.go test -c "java -jar path/to/user/jar" --delay 25  --passThroughPorts 5672,5432