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Version: 1.0.0

Why Keploy? (v1.0.0)

Keploy is an open-source functional test case and data mock generation platform. There are 4 Major reasons why you should use Keploy.

1. Dependency Mocking

Keploy records the exact API calls, including dependencies data. So if you're still writing data mocks for any external service like Databases, third party vendors like stripe, twilio, razorpay, cloud services, etc. Keploy will automatically create mocks for these.

2. Automated Assertions

Keploy automatically compares all attributes of an actual and expected test-case response and brings any differences to your attention.

3. Detailed Test Reports

Keploy will test the new version of application with thousands of test cases within minutes and generate instant reports and alerts so that you don't miss on anything!

4. Simple CI/CD Integration

Keploy has native integrations with native testing libraries like go-test, junit. Code coverage will be reported with existing plus Keploy recorded test cases and doesn't require any change in the CI/CD pipeline to integrate.

How Keploy is Different