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Version: 2.0.0

Why Keploy?

FeatureAutomated Test-Scripting ToolsRecord-Replay Traffic ToolsKeploy
Test ScriptingManual test script creation.Record user traffic as tests scripts.Automatic user traffic recording as test scripts.
Mocking DependenciesManual mock/stub writing.Setup test environments for dependencies.Automatic mocking of dependencies CRUD operations.
Test CoverageCoverage reliant on script quality.Coverage based on recorded traffic.Line coverage derived from code quality.
Code-Less IntegrationRequires scripting for integration.Relies on traffic replication pipelines and mock scripts.Uses EBPF for no-code, language-agnostic integration.
Noise DetectionManual noise and data noise identification.Limited capability to filter noisy parameters.Accurate noise detection, flagging random/noisy fields.
Ease of UseModerate learning curve for scripting.Difficulty in recording interactions and test environment management.User-friendly with quick adoption.
CI/CD IntegrationIntegration via unit test libraries in CI/CD pipelines.Limited CI/CD integration, specific environments required.Easy integration using unit test libraries in CI/CD.
FlexibilityScripting offers flexibility but is time-consuming.Limited flexibility tied to recorded traffic.Highly flexible for various API flows, versatile mocks, and test cases.
Effort Required for 100% Test CoverageRequires 50% of development time.Requires 100% of development time.Requires only 1% of development time.
Community/SupportSupport varies based on tool popularity.May have limited support.Active community and documentation.

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