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Version: 2.0.0

Example Employee-Manager App

A sample Employee-Manager app to test Keploy integration capabilities using SpringBoot and PostgreSQL.

This sample application is not written for macOS users since this application doesn't have a docker file yet.

🛠️ Platform-Specific Requirements for Keploy

Below is a table summarizing the tools needed for both native and Docker installations of Keploy on MacOS, Windows, and Linux:

Operating SystemWithout DockerDocker InstallationPrerequisites
MacOS MacOSNot SupportedSupportedDocker Desktop version must be 4.25.2 or above
Windows WindowsSupportedSupported- Use WSL wsl --install
- Windows 10 version 2004 and higher (Build 19041 and higher) or Windows 11
Linux LinuxSupportedSupportedLinux kernel 5.15 or higher

On MacOS and Windows, additional tools are required for Keploy due to the lack of native eBPF support.

Quick Installation

Let's get started by setting up the Keploy alias with this command:

 curl --silent -O -L && source

You should see something like this:

▀▓▓███▄ ▄▄ ▄ ▌
▄▌▌▓▓████▄ ██ ▓█▀ ▄▌▀▄ ▓▓▌▄ ▓█ ▄▌▓▓▌▄ ▌▌ ▓
▓█████████▌▓▓ ██▓█▄ ▓█▄▓▓ ▐█▌ ██ ▓█ █▌ ██ █▌ █▓
▓▓▓▓▀▀▀▀▓▓▓▓▓▓▌ ██ █▓ ▓▌▄▄ ▐█▓▄▓█▀ █▓█ ▀█▄▄█▀ █▓█
▓▌ ▐█▌ █▌

Keploy CLI

Available Commands:
example Example to record and test via keploy
generate-config generate the keploy configuration file
record record the keploy testcases from the API calls
test run the recorded testcases and execute assertions
update Update Keploy

--debug Run in debug mode
-h, --help help for keploy
-v, --version version for keploy

Use "keploy [command] --help" for more information about a command.

🎉 Wohoo! You are all set to use Keploy.

Setup Employee-Manager App

Application Pre-Requisites 📋

  • Java 1.8+ or <17 ☕
  • Maven 🛠️

Clone the repository and install the dependencies

git clone && cd samples-java/employee-manager
mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

Start the Postgres DB 🐳

docker compose up -d

Note: You may have to use sudo if you are not part of the docker group.

Capture the testcases 🎬

Once we have our jar file ready,this command will start the recording of API calls using ebpf:-

keploy record -c "java -jar target/springbootapp-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar"


Now let's run a few tests to capture some more scenarios:

Generate testcases 📝

To generate testcases we just need to make some API calls. You can use Postman , Hoppscotch, or simply curl

  1. Make an employee entry 📥
curl --location --request POST 'http://localhost:8080/api/employees' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"firstName": "Myke",
"lastName": "Tyson",
"email": "",

this will return the response or an entry. The timestamp would automatically be ignored during testing because it'll always be different.

"id": 1,
"firstName": "Myke",
"lastName": "Tyson",
"email": "",
"timestamp": 1661493301
  1. Fetch recorded info about employees
curl --location --request GET 'http://localhost:8080/api/employees/1'

or by querying through the browser http://localhost:8080/api/employees/1

Now both these API calls were captured as editable testcases and written to keploy/test folder. The keploy directory would also have mock.yml file.

Now, let's see the magic! 🪄💫

Run the test cases

First lets shutdown the database to verify that keploy's magic is taking care of the database mocking. No need to worry about the database anymore! 🎉

docker-compose down

Now, let's run the keploy in test mode: -

keploy test -c "java -jar target/springbootapp-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar" --delay 10

This will run the testcases and generate the report in keploy/testReports folder. You will see the following output:-

🐰 Keploy: 2024-02-20T13:49:20Z 	INFO	starting test for of	{"test case": "test-1", "test set": "test-set-1"}
2024-02-20 13:49:20.778 INFO 18888 --- [nio-8080-exec-1] o.a.c.c.C.[Tomcat].[localhost].[/] : Initializing Spring DispatcherServlet 'dispatcherServlet'
2024-02-20 13:49:20.778 INFO 18888 --- [nio-8080-exec-1] o.s.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet : Initializing Servlet 'dispatcherServlet'
2024-02-20 13:49:20.779 INFO 18888 --- [nio-8080-exec-1] o.s.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet : Completed initialization in 1 ms
Testrun failed for testcase with id: "test-1"


| -----------------------------------------------------+----------------------------------------------------- |
| | |
| |
| -----------------------------------------------------+----------------------------------------------------- |
| { | { |
| "email": "", | "email": "", |
| "firstName": "Myke", | "firstName": "Myke", |
| "id": 1, | "id": 1, |
| "lastName": "Tyson", | "lastName": "Tyson", |
| - "timestamp": 1.70843653e+09 | + "timestamp": 1.70843696e+09 |
| } | } |
| | |
| |
🐰 Keploy: 2024-02-20T13:49:20Z INFO result {"testcase id": "test-1", "testset id": "test-set-1", "passed": "false"}
🐰 Keploy: 2024-02-20T13:49:21Z INFO starting test for of {"test case": "test-2", "test set": "test-set-1"}
Testrun passed for testcase with id: "test-2"


🐰 Keploy: 2024-02-20T13:49:21Z INFO result {"testcase id": "test-2", "testset id": "test-set-1", "passed": "true"}
🐰 Keploy: 2024-02-20T13:49:21Z INFO test report for test-set-1: {"name: ": "report-2", "path: ": "/Users/neha/open-source/samples-java/employee-manager/keploy/report-2"}

TESTRUN SUMMARY. For testrun with id: "test-set-1"
Total tests: 2
Total test passed: 1
Total test failed: 1

Did you spot that the timestamp is showing some differences? Yep, time has a way of doing that! 🕰️

Worry not, just add the ever-changing fields (like our ts here) to the noise parameter to dodge those assertions.

Pro tip: Add body.timestamp to noise in test-1.yaml.

Adding Noise to Test case Java Postgres Employee Manager App

Run that keploy test command once more and watch as everything falls into place with all tests passing! 🌟

Final thoughts? Dive deeper! Try different API calls, tweak the DB response in the mocks.yml, or fiddle with the request or response in test-x.yml. Run the tests again and see the magic unfold! ✨👩‍💻👨‍💻✨

🎉 Wrapping it up

Congrats on the journey so far! You've seen Keploy's power, flexed your coding muscles, and had a bit of fun too! Now, go out there and keep exploring, innovating, and creating! Remember, with the right tools and a sprinkle of fun, anything's possible. 😊🚀

Hope this helps you out, if you still have any questions, reach out to us .

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